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This is the eighteenth year of our presence on the web with faithful Internet users.

This 18th year will be an opportunity to carry out important website changes with additional activities and more than ever a highlight on the need for legal security, as well as an occasion to celebrate this anniversary by the end of the year with a special programme for you.


We will offer new services and we will work in additional areas with as underlying terms "diversification" and "legal security". Thus:

- among the new services, notably, the setting up of :

. an Harmonization and Legal Compliance Desk in the Ohada zone,

. and an Online Transaction Desk in the Ohada zone,

- and, in Ohadalegis or in additional websites :

. a Digital Economy Portal in the Ohada zone

. and an Online Barter Desk in Ohada zone.

Harmonization and Legal Compliance Desk in Ohada zone

Economic operators are often stuck/swallowed by day-to-day management, which sometimes (or even often) takes them away from the necessary updating of their operating documents to new laws, and it is often in the event of pre-litigation or litigation, when the search for the missing comma and semicolon is more scrupulous than ever ... that they must start struggling because such or such document is no longer valid, such clause has become null and void pursuant to a new law they did not bother taking into account. The purpose of this Desk is to offer services which will enable a return to a law-abiding status efficiently and safely.

This lack of compliance is also a contributor of legal insecurity making it difficult, in the business environment, to make a distinction between the wheat and the chaff since, in the framework of an urgent contract to be absolutely concluded, it can endanger those "in order" who unfortunately happened to contract with structures which are not. The Desk will ensure a prompt and diligent "back to order" status at the level of the future co-contractors before the planned signature to absolutely secured.

For additional information, click here.

Online Transaction Desk in the Ohada zone.

Dispute resolution schemes outside the traditional judicial corridor are increasingly popular with economic operators and investors. However, the scheme which will be proposed is different from these schemes (arbitration, mediation) :

. faced with a risk of pre-litigation or litigation, you wish to make an informed choice to avoid directly getting into the judicial corridor : we will provide the support to enlighten your choice and make available all the necessary elements for an amicable solution which you may perfectly implement alone or otherwise as you wish,

. you want to get out of the galley of the endless judicial corridor in which you have been stuck for years, and you are ready to try to see if you can turn your head to get out of it : we will provide the support to enlighten your choice and make available all the necessary elements for an amicable solution you may also implement alone or otherwise.

This service will be open later this year and you will be informed.

Digital Economy Portal in the Ohada zone

Digital economy is a field attracting all kinds of interests and giving rise to a tsunami of optimistic presomptions in view of the actual possibilities it offers, but is being implemented with poorly designed or totally missing secured surroundings, as a study under way, sort of small survey of the situation in the Ohada zone, will show.

Since the legitimately expected development prospects cannot be solely based on the assumptions of such "enormous possibilities", the Portal which will be set up will aim at supporting this sector in the Ohada zone in various areas, with security for the various stakeholders and actors.

Online Barter Desk in Ohada zone

According to the figures of the World Trade Organization (WTO), 15% of the world exchanges among enterprises as well as States in the world, took place in 2011 without using any national currency and according to the International Reciprocal Trade Association (IRTA), an international professional organization focused on corporate barter, 12 to 14 billion dollars have been exchanged this way between companies in the world in 2018
(Barter Industry By Sector - IRTA 2018)

However, Africa is almost completely out of this dynamic landscape and reaps very little benefits from these schemes for various and maybe unclear reasons : lack of information in this field ? Bias on these old commercial practices considered as outdated ? Doubt on the real benefits of such exchanges? We think that it is time now to try to understand what barter in its present form is about and to see what benefits may be reaped from it. 

Companies may indeed reap many benefits : optimization of their unused or outdated assets, preservation of their cash-flow, acquisition of new business partnerships etc. Some Western and Asian companies were not mistaken in this regard : they have not only use barter in difficult times, but also as a tool for their development, or to keep leadership in their field etc. Indeed, implementing barter schemes often leads managers to have a fresh look on their enterprise, to become more aware of some of its existing hidden or underused assets and adopt a more dynamic approach in asset management, with important benefits.   

This service, the surrounding of which have required in-depth reflection, will be open during the year and you will also be informed.

Finally, there will be more interaction with you through our Blog, our Facebook page, Linkedin ....

Thank you for your attention !

Lawyer Mandessi Bell

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