TheTragedy of Clandestine Immigration In the Member-Countries of Ohada Zone

The tragic events of clandestine immigration observed in these countries everyday are the results of a situation which has gradually worsened with an accelerated countdown recently. The responsibilities rest on, on the one hand the former colonial powers and the new powers which have restrained and impeded the economic development of these African countries (*), and on the other hand the African leaders themselves whose governing practices often leave much to be desired. The first ones have hastily adopted defensive measures and solutions to avoid suffering from the consequences of this phenomenon, the second ones are dummy and keep an outstanding silence.

(*) slave trade, keeping the price of several african commodities sold in world markets low to avoid "hindering" their growth, subsidies etc.

What kind of initiative could be proposed to raise this problem at the top of priorities to be addressed ? A special United Nations session ?

  Yes this is the best way
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  No it is only one of the solutions
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  Not at all the solution is elsewhere
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