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in English

Complying with the revised 2014 Ohada Uniform Act on Commercial Companies and the Economic Interest Group

Here, are available, in PDF and Word files (*), templates of articles of association of business structures complying with the revised 2014 Ohada Uniform Act on Commercial Companies and the Economic Interest Group, in English.

In addition to their compliance with the 2014 standards, these secured templates drafted by professionals of Ohada Law enable you :

. to buy time with directly ready-to-use documents

. and to avoid the approximate translation of such important documents at the very basis of the company, with the greatly increased number of cases of invalidation and nullity included in the 2014 revised Act compared to the 1997 version (**).

The various types of articles of association available

-- Gold : entailing security and option mentions in the statutory clauses, namely :

. the risks of sanctions of invalidation in the event of non-compliance with the requirements of the 2014 Uniform Act are mentioned, [click here to see an example of this in these articles of association (green arrow)],

. the same goes for criminal sanctions, see an example here (purple arrow),

. in addition to useful guide to use the articles of association relevently whether as a partner /shareholder or a company manager.

-- Standard, (see the corresponding example here).

Are you looking for a template of articles of association complying with the standards of the 2014 Uniform Act which you will often use for the management of the company, and/or in view of a possible opportunity of third parties participation in your structure ? These articles of association are for you. Click one of the links on the left.

On the contrary, this is not the case if you are looking for basic articles of association just drafted because requested to carry out some formalities at a given time, document which, like some people, you will then put aside in your drawers or consult rarely, except when development prospects with third parties or a dispute arise ... and you will thus regret not to have in hand a more solid or "presentable" statutory document ...

We have avoided the setting up of a direct online articles of association filling scheme because we believe that these deeds are too delicate to be filled in a few minutes online as other types of forms , some choices requiring arbitrations not necessarily feasible online (even with some explanations) in such a short time which will however set the surroundings of the company, and not just for a few days...

The filling by a professional is in any case preferable and this choice is yours. If you would like us to fill your purchased articles of association (Word versions), click here to see the procedure.

You need a template of Ohada articles of association complying with the revised 2014 Uniform Act ? Click one of the links on the left of this webpage.


(*) Word files : they are read-only files. Once downloaded, enter your information and "save" the file "as".

(**) as any technical translation, the legal translation does not require the sole mastering of the language in which the document will be translated but also the mastering of the concepts and vocabulary of the technical field concerned, which otherwise, leads to randomly translated documents. This will (not may) have very bad consequences in the legal field with the inclusion of approximate terms. Incidently, the per page rate for such legal translation work which will not necessarily be carried out by jurists mastering law in addition to the legal language will anayway not be less than F CFA F 25 000 F CFA (38 € - 50 $ ) ...

Jean-Jacques Ndongo. " Legal translation implies the prior mastering of law by the translator and more precisely of the legal concepts and notions concerned for the two systems to mingle in the translated content " in "Les actes uniformes de l’Ohada en traduction". Geneva University. "Parallèele n°25. Oct.2013) p. 33.



Ready-to-use Articles of association for non-French-speaking investors and business people to enable an easy setting-up of business structures in the predominantly francophone
Ohada zone, securely and with an optimized timing/planning

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