Because of their behaviour, they contribute to the drafting of informal "blacklists" of tenants' to be absolutely avoided … not in vain.

With them, everything is all for the best in the best of all worlds at the time of the signature of the lease.

It is "later", as soon as «the pen tip is dry", that is, for some of them, immediately after the signature, for others, after the "grace period" following this vital stage, thus, it is “after” that the masks come off and the slips start.

Here are some profiles of these very special tenants.

According to you, who is the worst ? Do you know other types of such lessors ?

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He has an underground plan with a ‘jackpot’ which he alone knows, and which, of course, you don’t need to know, but on the other hand he needs your well-located premises to carry out his activities … and his plan.

Everything will be totally perfect for a while until the day you learn the disastrous news about the fire which occurred in your rented premises, the origin of which will not be perfectly clear but …. This tenant just happens to have an insurance which will enable him to get a comfortable or a very comfortable compensation, the infamous ‘jackpot’.

The aftermaths of this ‘tsunami’ for you will depend on what will have been highlighted as regards to the causes of this fire which destroyed your property, but also on the actual  intentions of your tenant with his jackpot …

He has no more rights and his only remaining obligation is to free your property.

Since he disagrees with this and certainly because he has no other means of pressure or legal way to remain there, he is going to show you how harmful he can be …

Thus, he is going to destroy as many things as possible inside and you going to face the horror of an ‘after tsunami’ landscape.

Depending on the contingencies of this ‘after tsunami’ situation to manage and the constraints to take into account, if he did not simply disappear after his brilliant performances, you will decide either to close this nasty file by letting him move out "with his bad luck" or institute criminal proceeding against him to teach him never to do this again to a lessor.



This type of tenant «knows and masters law", and unlike his more orthodox colleagues, it looks like he learnt law to torture you and "show you the kind of pest he can be".

With him, you are going to have a deep and exhaustive experience of stress.

He may first have a normal and positive attitude when his unfulfilled obligations are reminded.

After this grace period, shall start subterfuges and alibis of "disturbance of a busy person" etc. that will be put forward more and more systematically.

Finally, confined in his ivory tower, he will not even bother anymore answering you and unless you need a clearer picture, you will then, have to understand that you must now move forward and go to court.

But it is precisely there that he will be waiting for you because it is its favourite path … He will make you enter a judicial labyrinth of which he masters the various surroundings and your cross to bear is guaranteed. So, if you are hypertensive, ask your doctor to strengthen his prescriptions because you are going to be in a great need of them …

You may get through but with an important investment in time and money.

If the expected rents have to cover your essential needs, as soon as he shows up, simply tell him that your premises have just been rented ...

He will pay you an important amount of rent in advance (6, 8 months or 1 year, or even more), then he will consider to have invested enough at this stage and it’s now time for him to have a return on his investment

He will unilaterally choose the time when he must start receiving the dividends from his investment and from there on, stop paying. Be sure that he will never pay you any more rent until he leaves the place ….

You will never know this directly because he will have prepared a series of alibis justifying his permanent payment postponements: he is away from the office, he is in mourning, he is not well etc. With the memory lapses during such juggling, he may happen sometimes to even forget that he had already used an alibi which he mentions again, … Thus, he may forget that last time you were told that he was in the village for the funeral of his grandmother, who seems to have in the mean time been resurrected, then died again since he once more explains to you that he had to be present at the funeral ceremonies ...

If you are lulled by his various alibis, the interests on the loan you took, relying on your rent for its repayment, will give rise to a very high tension with your banker having indeed actual interests related to his loan.

You have rather get rid of him as soon as possible …

During the lease the basic parameters of which were though perfectly drafted and agreed upon, you will see a growing number of occupants going around in the rented place. Your first thought was that they were certainly customers, but in fact, this was not the case.

You nevertheless remember that in the lease was included a clause of personal occupation specifying that the premises had to be occupied by the tenant himself for his activities mentioned in the lease. However, what you see right there shows that these activities are also carried out by ‘other people’, or that several ‘other’ activities are carried out by ‘other people’!

Since putting things back into order on your property may be difficult, chasing them from your premises or piece of land will surely be the best, not to say the only safe solution ...

He may show who he is from the outset during the inspection of places -before the signature of the lease, for example by smelling odours which nobody however smells. It is the preview of what he will show you later …

This type of tenant seems to live with a magnifying glass which he only leaves when he goes to sleep: the 365 days which God gives to everyone don’t seem to be sufficient for him to search defects needing ‘absolutely to be reported to you’. Maybe even in Heaven, he would identify some defects.

Your lease route will thus be scattered with various requests which you will have to handle one way or another since he sometimes becomes aggressive when his complaints are not heard. To have a total peace with this perfectionist, grumpy person, make sure everything is ‘in order’ in your rented place.


This type of tenant saw his rights expiring following the termination of the lease for failure to comply with his obligations or for non-renewal. He thus knows that he has to leave your premises but he is not willing to do so.

Because he is on the spot, why not remain there? From there on, his strategy will be to find ways to remain as long as possible.

Among the elements of his strategy, either he will lead you to make a mistake, or he will start proceedings at a high level.

He may decide, as in a tight card game, to let you go ahead and lead you to make a mistake. He will do something which will make your blood boil and drive you so mad that you will make some thoughtless gestures; which may lead to difficult situations for you to settle if there are prohibited by law.

Indeed, he will not lose a single minute to launch a strong counter-offensive; that may be even already all set. Mind the consequences especially if this act is liable to penalties and he happens to know a police chief ready to assist him in implementing his strategy …

He may also rather decide to concentrate on the legal assistance of a lawyer whose sole mission will be to make you sink in the judicial labyrinth as long as possible to extend his occupation on the spot.

So, thanks to well prepared stalling tactics, a proof -as obvious as that of the nose in the middle of the face- usually made in one or two minutes will take several court hearings, each one with dismissals a month or two interval …

With this type of swindler, the settlement scheme  entailing a small sacrifice from you may be (but will not always be) the best way out to hasten the recovery of your property

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