With them, everything is all for the best in the best of all worlds at the time of the signature of the lease. They will welcome you with open arms and state that they will do their best to enable you to carry out your activities.

After this, the masks will gradually come off and the slips will start.

Here are some profiles of these problematic landlords.

According to you, who is the worst ? Do you know other types of such lessors ?



His landlord’s cap is the alpha and omega which drafts all the surroundings of the lease.

Either the head swelled because of this status he did not expect, or the Ali Baba carpet on which he flies does not allow him to see ‘the things of the earth’ anymore …

In fact, everything, or almost everything, is governed by these data. Thus, he does not bother to know the legal requirements or even the clauses he signed. Once the signature of the lease is over and the premises made available, anything next is rent recovering.  Don’t ask him anything else. A problem which is brought to his attention is handled like a temporary headache "which will fade away itself ".

Forgetting that he has signed a lease for professional use which he cannot put an end to as he wants, he may even sometimes go as far as to tell you that if you are not satisfied, there are lots of other lessors  …

Unlike the shark, he is simply governed by a lack of responsibility related to the above-mentioned status and correlative carelessness.  He is nevertheless harmful since if everything is perfect at the beginning of  the lease and remains exactly so until its end, you may stay in place, otherwise … you will have to handle a permanent high level of tension …

He indeed signed the lease, but it is difficult for him to remove his landlord’s cap, so, it is difficult for him to identify and respect the demarcation lines related to this new situation … consequently, he will rather often not take into account these limits and will be somehow intrusive.

What is he looking for in fact? It is not always very clear and you will sometimes wonder if he would not have rather installed a remote security video camera to avoid all this!

You should ‘keep him under control’ rather quickly with relevant schemes and modus vivendi; otherwise it will be very difficult for you to carry out your activities calmly with this kind of intrusive person not able to respect your living space.

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His basic equation is based on the fact that he is the owner and that this property has to give him maximum financial safety with minimal energy spent, hence the strategy he very quickly drafts (or maybe already drafted a long time ago) with a one-way interest … towards him.

He may decide to ask enough rent beforehand to minimize his energy efforts to put aside your requests and complaints.

If for reasons of his/her own, this is not the case, the game of the cat and mouse will necessarily start and will be interrupted only when he is woken up by the needle of his needs to be fulfilled.

"Yessss! He will call you back! "   "Damn, he has just had a flat tire and his spare wheel is also flat, thus … now, he cannot make it as regards to your appointment " etc.

With this type of lessor, keeping a low adrenalin level is simply an exploit. Take the full measure of the obstacle to see if you will be up to the task!

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